Hi, I'M Liv

I'm Liv Fleischhacker and I am a writer.

These days I concentrate mainly on food and drink writing, though having studied at The University of the Arts London I can't seem to keep my grubby hands off of design and art.

I was born in Berlin, raised bilingually in English and German and happily switch back and forth between the two, much to the annoyance of whoever I'm chatting with. I'm based in Berlin and work as a freelance writer, editor, and translator and am always happy to be contacted about collaborations and projects. I'm a avid traveler,  distance is no hindrance to me. 

Also: I wrote a book! It’s called Masel Tov! and it’s all about global, modern Jewish cuisine.

I'm Liv and I write, eat, read, and drink. Preferably at the same time.